Installation and maintenance instructions
We assume that you have read our order confirmation where values for thickness of the glass and the hull are mentioned. We also assume that you have received and accepted the template(s) for the opening(s) in the boat. We would like to point out that the best result is achieved when the gap between the window and the opening in the boat is minimal (max. 3mm, though not all the way around).

It is necessary to be at least 2 persons to install a window. We do not recommend using any kind of power tools. Under normal circumstances you will only need a pozidrive screwdriver and a small amount of marine sealant of your preference (Sikaflex). Check the thickness of the hull in different places of the opening in the boat, and compare it with the value indicated in the order confirmation. If the thickness varies to much (>5mm) you should probably use screws with different lengths. If the screws are too long or too short please contact us for a new supply of screws with the right length(s). The worst case scenario is when the screws are too long, so they will penetrate the visible surface of the outer frame.

Case 1- Installing flat windows in flat cut-outs:
Place the outer frame in the opening, and try to center it in the opening. Notice that the joint of inner or outer frame should never be at the top of a window (unless the window is consisted of 2 half parts). From the inside of the boat position the inner frame against the opening, and try to connect the 2 frames with the supplied screws. Dip the screws in acid free grease or Sikaflex in order to minimize the friction. Use a flashlight to locate the predrilled holes at the back of the outer frame. If the screws are not inserted in the holes, it will be difficult to achieve the necessary compression of the outer gasket, and the window wont be watertight at this point, see above illustration. Tighten the screws gradually, in order to apply an even pressure to the outer gasket. It also might be necessary to adjust the position of the window or the outer gasket while tightening the screws. The person on the outside must apply a suitable pressure near the location of the screw to be tightened. In this way the self-cutting screws will create a strong connection to the aluminum frame. If it is only the screws that pull the two frames together the shear forces will eventually overload and destroy the "threads" made by the screws. The outer gasket should be compressed by 1-1,5mm.

Case 2- Installing flat windows in curved cut-out:
In these cases it is of extreme importance to protect the joint of the outer frame against overload (this region is the weakest part of the window). If we have been informed about the curvature, we have placed the frame joint at one of the ends, instead of the middle of the window. Start inserting the window in the opening with the joint area first. Secure the joint by fastening the screws on both side of it, and then proceed with the rest of the screws both at the top and at bottom of the window. Since the window will act like a spring (because of the resistance of the glass) it is even more important to press very hard from the outside when screws are installed.

Case 3- Installing pre-curved windows in curved cut-outs:
In these case the windows are delivered with the right curvature, so they basically can be treated as flat windows in flat boat opening (case 1). When the openings in the boat have a very large curvature it is technically impossible for us to give the windows a 100% correct curvature, so the windows must be treated as we explained under case 2.

In all 3 cases it is necessary to insure that the outer gasket lays in a straight line and it is compressed to half of its original thickness. Under normal circumstances it is not necessary to apply any kind of sealant between the frame and the boat. However if the exterior of the boat has an uneven or rough surface, applying a minor amount of sealant will help preventing leakage. But remember that applying too much sealant or a sealant with high viscosity will push the original gasket out. See the figure for correct dosage and position of sealant.
All screws must be re-tightened after approx. one week.

Quality materials are used to manufacture your window(s), so they will need a minimum of maintenance. Clean the frames after each time they have been in contact with seawater and apply a protective wax. If strong alkaline cleaning agents are used to clean the boat and the windows, rinse thoroughly and apply protective wax to prevent corrosion.