Windows with round corners


BASISLINE is one of our most popular products with a timeless design,
which lends an easy and quick assembly as well as an elegant finish to the accommodation.
BASISLINE windows are manufactured primarily with round corners,
but combinations of round and sharp corners are also available.
BASISLINE windows are available in both fixed and opening types.
We can produce the windows flat or curved depending on where they are installed.
A window is consisted of 1 outer and 1 inner frame, and they are connected together by screws.

The glass is glued in the outer frame, so the connection between the glass and the frame is 100% watertight.
Water tightness between the hull and the window is achieved by tightening the screws, and compressing the outer gasket.
In this way the window will be watertight without using any kind of sealant between the frame and the boat.

ERTEC Danmark ApS has data and drawings for thousands of windows for many popular European boats.
A few examples are:
Albin Ballad, Apollo, Banner, Bianca, Coronet Elvstrøm, Drabant (Polaris), Granada, Halberg-Rassy, Hanseat, IF Marieholm,
Jupiter, LM , Lotus, Luffe, Luna 26, Mascot, Maxi, Motiva, Nauticat, Nimbus, Nordship, Nordborg, Saga, Storebro, X-yacht.
We can also produce the windows according to our clients templates.

Technical Data
Detail Dimension / Options Mat./Quality
Frame 27mm - Overlaps the hull by 9mm Aluminium
Glass - 1 layer of 5, 6, 8 or 10mm
- 10mm electrical heated glass
- 16mm (2 layers) thermal insulating glass
Glass with SeaView (rotating section)
Standard color: Clear
Optional tints: Smoke or Bronze
Corner radius of cut-out Fixed windows: 47, 57, 67, 77mm
Opening windows: 57, 67 , 77mm
Thickness of Fiberglass,
metal, wood
1 to 70mm -
Production tolerance Max. +/- 2mm -
Surface treatment 20µm Anodizing